Kpt. Jaroše 812, Moravský Krumlov

Czech and English language summer camp. Camp for school children from 12 to 23.

The cost of the program is 1299 EUR.

Course duration: 03.07.2021-10.05.2021.

Application submission date: 1.02.2021-10.05.2021.

The camp program includes:

  • meeting at the airport,
  • transfer,
  • English and Czech language training, training materials, certificate at the end of the course,
  • accommodation in double rooms with a kitchen,
  • meals( breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch),
  • Czech SIM card,
  • travel ticket for all types of transport,
  • medical insurance,
  • cultural program,
  • round-the-clock support of the curator,
  • an invitation from our school for a visa.

Educational part of the program:

  • English lessons with a native speaker for 10 days for 2 hours, Czech lessons for 5 days for 2 hours,
  • program duration: 03.07.2021-18.07.2021,
  • application period: 01.02.2021-10.05.2021,
  • group consists of 15 people,
  • number of hours-40,
  • language level-A2.

Cultural program:

  1. an evening of acquaintance,
  2. a tour of Prague,
  3. a visit to the caves,
  4. a trip to the zoo,
  5. a cinema,
  6. exhibitions and museums,
  7. a swimming pool,
  8. picnics in the castle park,
  9. excursions to castles,
  10. catamaran riding,
  11. a trip to Germany or Paris,
  12. a trip to Vienna or Venice,
  13. a farewell evening at the farm by the campfire.

Program price:

1299 € (includes trips to Bavaria and Vienna),
1480 € (includes a trip to Paris or Venice for 3 days), accommodation in the center.