Kpt. Jaroše 812, Moravský Krumlov
Pobočka: Na Moráni 3/360, 128 00 Praha 2

The school was founded in 2020 by a teacher with 12 years of experience in teaching Czech as a foreign language, Katerzhina Smolyar Sankova. She is also a native speaker and a citizen of the Czech Republic. Thanks to her experience, she is well-versed in the professional needs of her students. They are provided with all the necessary materials and knowledge to quickly adapt to the learning environment. The school is situated in the town of Moravsky Krumlov which is located in Southern Moravia near the city of Brno and 90 km from Vienna.

The city with a population of 6,000 people has preserved all the old traditions. You can truly find yourself in the atmosphere of Czech culture. The city has all modern infrastructure: hospitals, schools, chemists and supermarkets. It has beautiful nature and a lot of bike paths. Here you can visit famous sights such as the Masoha Chasm and the caves of the Moravian Karst.

The city of Brno is 40 km away from our school. It has many schools, universities such as Veterinary University, Music Academy, Mendel University. Education in the Czech Republic is free if it is in Czech. Many students come here every year to enroll in higher education institutions. One of the main tasks of our school is to prepare students for admission to schools and universities. We have tutors who will help students solve all questions about studying and living in the Czech Republic.

After the courses, students can speak fluently in Czech. They can go to any university and get free European education. European education will allow students to get a job not only in the Czech Republic but also in other countries of the world. They will also have the right to reside in the country.


Our hostel is located in the city center. Here you can have a cheap and delicious snack. In our school, there is an opportunity to study in specialized courses with a professional bias. For example, lawyers are taught history and political science, doctors are taught biology and chemistry. Students entering international relations are taught two foreign languages and political science.

There is a great demand for medical professionals in our country. They can take a special medical course at our school, pass exams in Czech at the main hospital of the country for employment. During their studies, we arrange temporary employment with a hospital or a nursing home. Medical staff are provided with temporary housing.

Our school has general language courses for those who want to move permanently to the Czech Republic. Each graduate of our school receives a certificate confirming their language level A1, A2, B1, B2.


The director and founder of the school is Katerina Smolyar Sankova. She is Czech, born in the city of Brno. Katerzyna is a teacher, she has been teaching Czech since 2008 to international students, lawyers, doctors and workers.

She graduated from the Palatsky University in Olomouc in 2008 with a degree in Russian language, with a focus on economics, law and tourism. She is a professor at the Czech Agrotechnical University in Prague. She worked first as a tutor, then as a teacher in language schools, and then as a commercial director. A few years later, she opened her own school.